Youtube to learn Danish

If you are somebody who enjoys Youtube content on daily basis, this language learning method will be a true joy. Youtube has definitely grown significantly in Denmark and has already produced its “shining stars”. The best part is that even to somebody who is only learning danish, this can bring huge benefits if you don’t want to watch danish TV or listen to radio.

Why this method is so great? Because it is adaptable to what your interests are. If you enjoy fashion, silly videos, story times, its all out there and its free (as long as you have internet access). Plus, who would not enjoy practicing a new language through entertainment?

Just put on any video and either leave it running on the background or even better – watch it, that way you will unintentionally learn to differentiate different words in danish and if you are watching the video, you will learn from the context – what the person is showing or doing.

This method is great if you just want some background noise while doing the dishes or cleaning your home. Of course, keep in mind, that this is just for additional practice, you probably will not learn Danish at the level of being fluent, but this can be a tiny step closer to that goal.

Here are some Danish Youtubers to pick from:

* The subscriber count at the time of writing this post

This list doesn’t do justice to the amount of Danish Youtubers you can find on the platform, so make sure to look around to find content you enjoy watching and learning from!


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