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Most people have made it their daily routine to take vitamins related to their lifestyle and health needs – so have I. the vitamins I have been taught to intake for the most of my life are Omega-3 fish oil, vitamin C and probiotics. These have been part of my routine for as long as I can remember, but not gonna lie, there are days and even weeks when I forget to take them. Most of the time the reason for that is the vitamin boxes get moved to the back of the shelf and are forgotten about. And if you take a couple of vitamins daily, it can get quite annoying to have all the different boxes and packages lying around the house.

So I was very excited when my Goodiebox had included a free tryout of Take Daily – a vitamin subscription service that delivers the vitamins fit for you straight in your mailbox. The box they come in is so thin that it fits in most mailboxes and doesn’t take up much space. I honestly think this is such a clever idea and for those who forget to repurchase their vitamins or are not sure which ones would work for them Take Daily is the answer.

The questionnaire

When you first enter the Take Daily website, it is suggested to fill out the questionnaire which will recommend the best vitamins based on your lifestyle. After you have done the test, you can still edit and change the vitamins you want picking up to 3 different vitamins.

Take Daily vitamin

The box

I opted for the energy supplement, vitamin D+ and Omega-3. When I received the box, it included my custom picked vitamins and a sheet with the description of each vitamin in detail.

Each box has 28 daily servings of vitamins and is easy to use. Just leave the box where it is easy to reach and remember about and you are set.

If you decide to stop the subscription or put it on hold, that is easy to do in your account. If you continue your subscription you will receive a new box every 4 weeks. The price for each box is 149 DKK and I must say that it is totally worth it if these vitamins are what you have been looking for.

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