Not so long ago I got the chance to visit a place called The Diner in Ã…rhus. I had seen their ads before and stumbled upon the Facebook page once, so I knew what I was getting into – a very retro American inspired dinner experience.

If you are somebody who loves to indulge in occasional fast food, The Diner might be the place for you. With juicy burgers and milky shakes they do know how to stand out from the crowd.

Personally, I am very picky with the meat I eat and most of the times my burger choice goes for the ones containing chicken, so I did here and no regrets – it was de-li-cious.

From the truly wide menu I picked the Alabama burger (89,-), fries with cheese (29,- + 10,-) and a coffee milkshake (44,-), the whole dinner costing a total of 172,- which is quite up there but you do pay for the whole experience.

Alabama burger

As for the chicken, they state that it is fried chicken covered in their own herb-blend and I can totally approve this. It was one of the tastiest chickens I’ve had in Denmark and was truly enjoyable. Since there is a Crispy Fried Chicken item on the menu – that is what I will be going for on the next visit, without a doubt.


The fries come in different variations as plain, with cheese or chili & cheese. I went for the cheese version since, hey, it’s cheese. Must be said though, that the portions are quite filling so if you do go for the sides, do bring someone to share the plates with. Other than that, the fries were soft (in a good way) and the cheese melty.


As for the milkshakes, they do look light straight out of a retro american movie. The best part – tasty ‘ill the last sip. Honestly, I would go back to this place just to treat myself with one of these on a rainy day. Super flavourful and delicious!

The Diner has though of the overall experience and you won’t get bored while waiting for the food to arrive. There are many retro-inspired decorations and lights as well as the furniture is super funky, just as you would imagine.

The menus are very fun to look at as well, all though, might be confusing at first to find what you want since they are filled with pictures and information.

The verdict is: If you want to have an unordinary experience and maybe go someplace different than the usual burger bars – head here. This might become your favourite guilty pleasure!

Have you visited The Diner? What was your experience like?

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