Having a smoothie for breakfast has become more and more popular over the past few years due to the benefits a cup of blended fruit has and the almost no time spent to make one.

It doesn’t matter what your occupation is – a morning without breakfast won’t call for a “good morning”. So what exactly is a smoothie, how to get your breakfast game on and how to do it with as little investment in time and money. Lets answer the questions.

What is a smoothie?

The refreshing beverage made by blending your favourite raw ingredients with a liquid of choice can not only be beneficial to your well-being but save tons of time in the morning (or any other time of the day) when figuring out how to kill hunger.

With the unlimited number of recipes and ways to combine the ingredients you can be sure that getting bored of such breakfast is close to impossible since a fruit never tastes the same.

Typically a smoothie consists of at least 2 types of ingredients – fruits and/or vegetables and one or more liquids. You can choose fresh or frozen ingredients, whichever you prefer and have access to. The smoothie that is picked by smoothie-rookies consists of a banana, berries and milk. Simple, fast and nutritious.

Remember to experiment and mix fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds. Don’t be afraid of trying out different liquids such as almond milk, oat milk, orange juice, water. Sometimes the ingredient might not taste so good on its own but when blended in a smoothie, you won’t even notice it’s there and if it has great benefits then your body will be thankful.

If I speak for myself, this might sound unreal, but I don’t eat fruit and have no craving for doing so. In this case smoothies are the only way for me to intake all the vitamins.

A great addition to your smoothie will be spinach leaves that you can get at Netto for relatively cheap and adding a handful of those will not affect the taste of your drink but provide you with zinc, protein, vitamins, calcium, iron etc.

P.S. Pinterest is a great source for many amazing recipes to try!

Get your smoothie game on.

Now that veganism has taken a rise in its popularity, stores are stocking more and more superfoods that are great for daily use in smoothies or other recipes no matter what you prefer to eat.

Keep in mind that these superfoods tend to be more expensive, but they will last quite some time before it’s time to restock. Some of these foods are chia seeds, acai, hemp protein, goji berries and others. To read about the benefits of these click here.

These superfoods are great for smoothies and will benefit you all day long. One of the best sources to get your hands on superfoods is Gaias Basar in Randers or helsam.dk.

Get smart – pre-pack!

The easiest and best money-saving way how to prepare your smoothies must be pre-packing them for at least the next week. That way all you have to do is grab a pack out of the freezer, add extra ingredients and liquid and blend away.

To pre-pack your smoothie, prepare the bags or containers for storage in the freezer, get your ingredients: frozen berries, fruit, spinach, bananas etc. You can find lots of different frozen fruit and berries at your local Rema1000, Netto, Føtex and other stores. This might add up on price, but will last for many days (depending on how much you use per smoothie) and be much cheaper than getting one at a cafe.

Now it’s time to peel and cut the bananas, pack everything evenly in all the storage bags, seal tightly and store in freezer. Next time you’re hungry – take out the bag, throw all the ingredients in a blender and your breakfast is done!


Zip-lock bags are really good for packing smoothies and you can get them at IKEA starting at 15kr

Enjoy and let us know what is your favourite smoothie!


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