Finding housing

Every single person who has come to Denmark to study or work has gone through the same frustrating experience of finding a place to live. The truth is harsh, but there is not much you can do other than keep looking and be at your best to impress your possible future landlords.

Although the market is crowded and the need for housing is way larger than the amount of offers, there is a way you can manage your time and develop a system that will help you on the way.

Spreadsheet to save time

Here, at DenmarkNU we have used this system and it is what helped us land our current housing as saved a lot of time and decluttered our minds.

The answer is a simple Excel/Google spreadsheet. We have attached our sample sheet below so you can start your search for apartment and use colour codes to know where you stand. Feel free to edit and change it to your liking, it truly is a helpful tool to not get lost between all the possible offers.

We recommend making multiple sheets for each platform you are looking for an apartment through – this might help when you actually call the landlord as a reference to where you got their contact details from.

A great way to use this sheet is in the evening, when most landlords won’t be replying and picking up their phones to respond to calls. Use your time wisely and put down the information needed to contact the landlords the next morning.

Google Spreadsheet
We hope you find this sheet as helpful as we did. Let us know of your tricks for apartment search!

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