Gifts with a Danish charm

Many of those who moved to Denmark want to share a piece of their new host land with family and friends back home. Wether it is a Christmas holiday, birthday or just a visit, gifts from Denmark will likely cheer up the receiver and hold a special meaning.

We have gathered the most popular high-end and budget gifts that characterise Denmark and have a story attached. As Christmas is approaching and many of you might be going home, we have included some traditional Christmas gifts as well as ones that can be given on any occasion.

High-end giftsGifts from Denmark

1 Lakrids by Johan Bülow liquorice is a hate-it or love-it product that is a must to try for anyone. If you are not a fan of the traditional salty liquorice or plain one, try the liquorice balls covered in various flavours. They not only look extremely fancy but might even turn you into a liquorice fan. Try the Lakrids advent calendar if you dare to taste multiple flavours all through the holiday season.

2 Lykketrold good luck trolls hold a fairytale meaning as the trolls are believed to bring smiles and happiness to the holder. They come in all various colours and shapes and act as an adorable charm for good luck.

3 Georg Jensen Christmas ornaments are not only aesthetically pleasing but are high quality collectible items. These ornaments will make any Christmas tree extremely special.

4 Hoptimist figurines stay true to the message behind them: “a smile starts with another smile”. These adorable figures will bounce around with a light tap of a finger and smile right at the holder to bring a little positivity to your day. A true danish gift staple.

5 HAY design is definitely a must if you are into danish design. Starting from cozy blankets and stationery to furniture pieces, HAY holds all the Scandinavian design values with exquisite design. Treat yourself or a special someone with a piece of HAY. P.S. We love the HAY hourglasses which are affordable and add a nice touch to the interior. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to HAY, it is worth looking into the newly released IKEA x HAY collaboration.

6 Kay Bojesen Turtelduer the 2 doves made of oak symbolise love and will be a great gift to a loved one or for weddings and anniversaries. Kay Bojesen has a collection of wonderful wooden decorations that spark the danish design greatness and bring happiness to any home.

7 Royal Copenhagen the porcelain items in Royal Copenhagen collection can be found in most danish homes and mix traditional design with modern. These items are timeless and will be a great gift for the lovers of good classics.

8 Nordahl Julehjerte the braided Christmas heart ornament is thought to be cut and braided by Hans Christian Andersen and is a traditional Christmas decoration in Denmark. This Nordahl ornament has put a twist on the tradition with a sleek gold design to decorate your Christmas tree.

9 Kay Bojesen Abe the monkey that you will most likely find in a danish home was first created in 1951 and ever since has found its way to many hearts with its danish design and kind face. Over the years the monkey has become a collectors item and is an iconic gift for a loved one or a decoration for children room becoming a friend that will follow throughout life.

Budget giftsBudget gifts from Denmark

1 The Little Book of Hygge is a must have gift for anyone who is interested in the Danish concept of hygge. Beautiful book with illustrations and description of the many ways how to indulge in the lifestyle of hygge. Meik Wiking just released a follow-up book The Little Book of Lykke which will be a perfect read for those searching for happiness the Danish way.

2 Danish butter cookies are famous for their soft crumble and sweetness. Surprise someone with real Danish butter cookies in a nice tin (use for thread and needles afterwards 😉 ) We suggest getting the cookies from Flying Tiger as their tins are covered in adorable Danish illustrations and a fun story about the cookies.

3 Anthon Berg chocolate can be found in most grocery stores and the gift boxes look beautiful and will make a great last-minute gift. Who doesn’t like chocolate?

4 LEGO key rings are probably my favourite gifts to give no matter the receivers age. The gold ones are perfect for people who don’t necessarily like or play with LEGO but will look awesome attached to a set of keys. LEGO key rings are affordable gift option with a true Danish heritage.

5 Danablu cheese might be an odd gift idea but people who love cheese will appreciate the gesture. Danablu or Danish blue cheese is of Danish origin and one that has been brought from Denmark will make it just a tad more special.

6 Souvenirs are the classic gift that is a great option when needed quickly and on a budget. Anything from magnets and mugs to t-shirts and snow globes. Perfect as a last-minute gift when at the airport.

7 Flødeboller treats are great for gifting as they can last for long travels home and will make a sweet gift for anyone who is interested in what Danish treats are like. Pick from the many flavours and toppings and indulge.

8 Skipper’s Pipes will bring the true taste of liquorice in the famous pipe shape. Fun for kids and adults (if they are liquorice lovers). Although not a Danish brand, the pipes are very popular in Denmark and an affordable way to introduce others to the world of liquorice.

Let us know what presents you bring from Denmark in the comments below!

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