Mailbox is never empty

As noticed over the period of 3 years in Denmark – Danes love their mail. It is not only the occasional bill or other payment related envelopes, but a lot (and I do mean A LOT) of commercials, newspapers etc. that fill your mailbox.

Every week you will get at least one decent newspaper (in Danish) and a pile of commercials.

The newspapers are great for practicing danish and getting an overview of what’s happening. The commercials get overwhelming after some time. When I first moved here, I loved getting tons of mail and flipping through it since it was all new and it is a great way to see what the stores around you offer (yay for discounts), but when you live here for longer period of time, you’ll notice these papers collecting in the corner of your living space waiting to be thrown out.

This is where the beloved Nej Tak stickers come in. This is a truly great system for people who have had enough of the always full mailbox situation. 

There are two types of stickers that need to be reniewed once in a while – Nej Tak commercials and Nej Tak Newspaper + Commercials. The first one meaning that you will only get the occasional newspaper and the second one, you guessed it – no newspapers and commercials.

I would suggest applying for these stickers (on if you know you won’t be needing that kind of mail since we all know what a waste it is and how quickly the trash bins can fill up.

A little suggestion for job seekers out there:

FK Distribution is a mail delivery company which is responsible for the mail we just talked about. Anyone can apply and if there are available routes in your location – you have a job! As I and other people I know have worked there before, I can guarantee that it is definitely not the easiest job and can be time consuming if you pick multiple routes. You will get a small trailer (if you don’t want to work with your own car) and use it to get from house to house in your route. It is not the worst job and it definitely pays. Plus, if you pick more routes, it can make up enough for an SU!

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