Saving our hard earned money is important and takes some patience. Wether it is a holiday you plan to go to or an item that you have been craving for a while – it is worth saving for.

What I want to share with you today is a little trick that has helped me control my spending, save up some cash and best of all – I have no worries if my credit card gets stolen.

With recent article on Metropolife about the raising worries on pick pocketing activities and pin code theft, that has been happening in Copenhagen and most likely everywhere else, we thought it is the perfect time to share this trick.

Grundkonto – check-in konto

These two words are the answer to all the worries. When you open an account in your bank, make sure to ask if you can get two accounts open – Grundkonto and Check-in konto. The Grundkonto is your basic account which is not linked to your credit card. The check-in konto is the account where your credit card balance is stored and where you most likely get your salary pain on.

The difference is that Grundkonto can only be accessed through your netbank but check-in konto can be, of course, accessed through any ATM etc.

I am a Nordea bank client so definitely ask your bank if this is an option.

Netbank APP

So for this trick to work and make your life easier, you will need to download the app of your bank.

On the app you can access both of these accounts and transfer many between them. The basic idea is that you save money on the Grundkonto and the money you want to spend is on Check-in konto.

Transferring the money between these two accounts is instant and doesn’t cost extra which means that as long as you have access to internet, you can get the needed amount on your card with no problems.

Prevent theft

Of course, this system ensures that if you loose your credit card or if it gets stoles, there will either be no money on it or just the amount you decided to keep on there (hopefully a small one). In the worst case scenario, if you notice that your card is missing soon enough, you can transfer the balance to Grundkonto before anyone can clear out your account.

Save money

Still, the big idea is that you get the extra step you need to do before any purchase – transferring the needed amount to your card. This means that you will see your savings drop immediately after the transfer, which makes you get that second thought on wether you really need what you are about to purchase or not.

Believe me, this trick has saved me tons of unnecessary purchases and I’ve been able to save more than I ever have. As an added bonus, this is a great tip for going out – transfer as much as you are willing to spend that night and don’t worry about waking up with a drained account and double the headache.

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