Here is the deal: If you arrive to Denmark with nothing but your suitcase and your new home comes unfurnished, it will do some damage to your budget to settle in and have all the necessities to start your new life. But soon enough it will be the time to visit stores like IKEA.

Of course, as always, the things you will need can be divided in two categories: necessities and luxury. You won’t feel comfortable without the first ones, but can leave the luxury items for when you feel like it is time to upgrade your living.

Today we are going to focus more on the necessities that you can find at IKEA and start your journey in Denmark. Keep in mind that we picked the most budget friendly items, but you might go up the price tag a little to raise the level of comfort. It’s completely up to you, but here is what most students will pick on arrival:


bedJÄRNUDDA box mattress with top-mattress 399,-

This is the bed you might find in most student rooms at it indeed is the cheapest option since it already comes with a top-mattress for extra comfort. It is very comfy as a starter bed and you can get legs for it at additional 150kr.



beddingKRÅKRIS duvet cover and pillowcase 29,-

The cheapest bedding set you will find in IKEA and it does the job. Made of polyester and cotton mixture.



throwPOLARVIDE throw 24,- 

A simple fleece throw to cover up the bed or bring out with you on picnics and other get-togethers. Comes in blue and green.



pillowSLÅN pillow 12,-

As this is the cheapest pillow on the market we would still recommend sparing a little more cash for an upgrade since a good pillow is the gateway to good sleep. See the AXAG pillow which is the second cheapest on the list for only 29,-.



quiltMYSKGRÄS quilt 19,-

This quilt, as the price suggests, is a very light option that will suit better for summer months. For winter we would suggest picking something more cosy.



chestRAST chest of 3 drawers 149,-

For when you need a place to store your clothes and other items, but wardrobe isn’t an option. This is a great option since it gives extra space on the top to keep pictures, plants etc.




lightNOT floor lamp 59,-

Probably the most popular lamp in the world that is affordable and works like a charm. Keep in mind that it doesn’t come with a light bulb so remember to grab one on the go, like the RYET E27 one.



coffee tableLACK coffee table 29,-

The price and simple design of this table makes it very versatile and you can use it as a coffee table, bedside table or anything else you see suitable. Comes in various different colours and is easy to assemble.



sofaKNOPPARP sofa 499,-

The cheapest sofa on the market which might not be the comfiest, but is a good starter for your home. Comes in yellow or gray.



chairNOLMYRA chair 199,-

For those who need a seat, but the couch is not an option. This chair is a good alternative and is quite comfortable for doing some computer work.



shelfLAIVA shelf 99,-

Keep your books and other nobs and bobs stored in one place with this shelf. I use it in the bathroom since mine doesn’t have any extra storage, so if you are in a similar situation, this is a good option.




deskVITTSJÖ glass desk 199,-

Definitely the best desk to start your student journey with. Easy to assemble, looks nice and doesn’t take a lot of space. A great detail is the extra shelf to keep your books, notes etc. Side note: Now that I have upgraded to another desk this one makes a great TV stand and you can keep your gaming console etc. on the shelf.


laptop standVITTSJÖ laptop stand 149,-

If you prefer working on the couch or in bed, this is a great thing to have to keep your laptop on. Very useful to watch movies and have snacks and drinks on.



office chairSNILLE office chair 119,-

Very simple office chair on wheels that is surprisingly effective and comfortable for the price tag. However, having a proper posture while working at a desk is very important so try out different options to find the one that suits you best.



drawersLENNART drawer unit 75,-

Add some extra storage space to your work station or even bathroom. Safe option for anything since it is made of metal.



Of course these are just some of the things you might need to fill your home, but it is worth to keep in mind that the longer your stay in Denmark, the more you will collect over time so it is a good idea to think forward and get things you know will last you longer and will be enjoyable for longer periods of time. Worth mentioning that you might be moving a lot until you find a place to really settle in, so pack light. 😉

All in all, have a really good look through IKEA and other stores like Jysk – you might be surprised how many great deals there are.

A little note on suction cup items (like toothbrush holders and shelves that IKEA has), tall though very affordable, they might not be the best option since, from experience, they do tend to wreck some nerves and might fall off the surface quite a bit.

We do hope this post will help you with your first move to Denmark and let us know if you find more great bargains worth mentioning. 🙂



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