Grocery stores in Denmark

When you come to Denmark, it might seem that there is a wide variety of different grocery stores all around the country, but most of these are mainly owned by 2 parent companies – COOP Danmark and Dansk Supermarked A/S. The list on Wikipedia is great to see what stores are around Denmark and what type of stores they are.

Most Danish grocery stores stock highly similar items but the price varies from store to store. If you wanted to do a full grocery shop on discount, you would probably have to do a trip around at least 3 different stores in your area. For that reason the discount newspapers that get delivered to your mailbox can be useful for navigation.

Buying organic

For those who are looking to buy organic foods, Denmark can offer a lot. Most grocery stores around the country offer a wide variety of organic products starting from fruits and vegetables to dairy and grains, like bread and pasta.

Although most stores offer organic products, the one where you will find the best of the best is Irma.

Vegan and specific dietary products

Plant based products such as butter, milk and frozen foods can be found in most stores, such as Rema1000, Løvbjerg, Bilka etc. But if you are looking for something more specific, I highly recommend Helsam. They have almost everything you could ever need from cruelty free cosmetics to household items. Helsam is great for supplements like vitamins and superfoods as well.

If you are eating gluten or lactose free, Denmark has your back. Most stores have decent options for these diets and you won’t be left starving.

Eastern foods

If you come from an Eastern European country and miss some products from your home, Eurodeli is going to become your new guilty pleasure. With 4 stores open in Copenhagen, Taastrup, Odense and Ikast and a new location opening soon, you can as well order online. Eurodeli is very customer friendly and they are always looking for recommendations on products you would like to see them stock.

In addition, Lidl and Aldi are stores where you can find products that won’t be in most Danish supermarkets, as these stores are German.

Grocery shopping online

If you want to order household items or foods that are not in your local market, or for any reason can’t access a physical store, try Nemlig or Coop. Pick a date and time and get delivery straight to your door.

For ordering meal boxes, vegetables and fruits, try Aarstiderne. I have ordered vegetables from them before and was extremely pleased with the service. Some items looked like they were delivered straight from the farmer and it truly is an experience on it’s own.

Oriental foods

For oriental food shopping, you, most likely, won’t have to look far. There are multiple local shops that stock Japanese, Asian, Korean etc. items for affordable prices. These stores can be found in most cities so you will either come across one on your wanders or google one near your location.

Discount stores

Netto, Kiwi, Fakta and Rema1000 as well as Lidl and Aldi are considered discount stores. The name discount however doesn’t mean that the store will not be neat and clean, it’s quite the opposite. These are the stores where most people do their grocery shop and most don’t pay attention to what store they shop in as long as it is close to their location.

Netto is extremely great for Mexican foods and snacks that you won’t find elsewhere so it is always a good idea to drop by and see what’s on the shelves.

Buying BIG

If you want to shop for everything (and we mean everything) in one place Bilka, Kvickly, Meny and Føtex are the stores for you. There you can find everything for interior, garden, kitchen as well as food and even clothing and electronics.

These stores are great if you have looked everywhere for an item that isn’t stocked in other stores as well as for discounts. The discount papers that get delivered to your mailbox from these stores are always worth looking through.

We hope you found this article helpful, let us know if we missed something worth mentioning.

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