Looking for gifts from Denmark?

Say no more. Last year we kicked off our gift guide tradition with signature Danish presents you can bring home to your friends, relatives etc. This year we have decided to focus on food and lifestyle items that are made in Denmark (except for one good one – too good to pass on).

Personally, I love a gift with a good background story or of humorous nature so you surely will find some of those here. To make it easier for you, I have written a short description of each brand and why I think they are cool and worthy of travelling abroad to your home countries. ?

Gifts you can eatDanish gift ideas

NuTe Organic brings the flavours of Nordic landscape packaged in natural birch jars. With nature and sustainability in mind, the teas are organic – picked in the Far East. The collectors box will make a great gift for any tea lover (like myself). Or take a look at the new Magasin advent calendar which features 24 tea-licious surprises from NuTe!

2 Wally and Whiz is something different. Alcohol, animal, gluten AND lactose free gourmet gummies? Ja tak! Made with high quality ingredients, these gummies have unique flavours like Liquorice with Sea Buckthorn, Blackcurrant with Strawberry and many more. Wally and Whiz started in a small apartment in Copenhagen and make their gummies by hand right here in Denmark. And check out that beautiful packaging!

3 The Mallows – you guessed it – marshmallows, but not just any marshmallows – organic, gourmet ones, handcrafted in Denmark using natural flavours. Now while I do think it would be a crime to burn these over a bonfire, it is not a crime to fall in love with the details of each product. Make sure to read about each character created to describe the various flavours. Want to try them all – the Christmas calendar is up for grabs!

4 Chili Klaus or Claus Pilgaard is a Danish entertainer and if you are a lover of hot foods that contain tons of chili, there is no way you have not heard of him. Known for the chili tasting series on his YouTube channel, he has released a huge collection of various items that all relate to chili pepper. Try the chili and chocolate covered liquorice balls to torture your tastebuds or family members.. ?

5 Simply Chocolate is handmade right here in Copenhagen using natural ingredients. Without compromising the basics, the chocolate not only tastes good but has fantastic packaging with a hint of humour and unique flavours. Their Christmas calendars will be a real treat to chocolate lovers. If you want to try something else, give their chocolate covered almonds a go – stored in a glass jar with a fun message on it.

6 Karamelleriet – handmade caramel with respect for an old craft. The variety is rich with flavours and types of snacks such as soft and hard caramel, fudge, peanut crunch and others. The Christmas collection is wonderful too – pick between the “perfect pair” gift sets or go for the 24 day calendar! If you are curious about how the caramel is being made, feel free to visit Karamelleriet in their workshops in Copenhagen or Bornholm.

7 Rivsalt is a Swedish brand, but both Sweden and Denmark share their love for liquorice therefore Rivsalt had to be included in this guide. Decorative and practical – raw liquorice, java peppers or himalaya salt rocks ready to be grated on your meal.

The salt rocks with the desk stand stole my heart right away and I immediately sent one away as a present for my family. However, make sure to read the product description as they are much smaller than expected (bigger grater is available on their website).

8 Hattesens Konfektfabrik finishes this years food gift guide with a treat for your liquorice loving friends. Handmade following old traditions on Ærø island with motto “less sugar, more taste”. The liquorice candy is made with raw ingredients such as freeze dried berries and fruits as well as natural aromas and oils.

Gifts you should not eatGifts from Denmark

1 Skandinavisk brings the nature of Scandinavia to every home. Choose from well known Scandinavian senses and happenings in form of fragrances. Distinctively Danish ones are: HYGGE (cosiness), LYKKE (happiness), TRÆ (tree), BÆR (berry), LYSNING (forest glade) and ROSENHAVE (rose garden). These scents come in form of diffusers, candles, oils and skincare so there is plenty to choose from to bring the Scandinavian feeling with you wherever you go.

2 Hans Christian AndersenLife itself is the most wonderful fairy tale.” – Hans Christian Andersen

A good old book of H.C.Andersen fairytales is a must in every home. The stories by one of the most known Danish authors are ones most of us grew up with and know very well. Make sure the book is one of the collectors editions in a nice cover and it will definitely make a special gift for an owner of a home library or just a book lover.

3 Design Letters – a brand founded in 2009 by former journalist Mette Thomsen who united her passion for words with design. Design Letters has exclusive rights to use the typography hand-drawn in 1937 by the famous Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. Give a personalised gift in form of sterling silver or gold-plated jewellery and add a marble stone or symbol charms. Or get one of the cups or stationary with the receivers initials for a personal touch!

4 Meraki – skincare and lifestyle products designed and developed in Denmark. Meraki has the aesthetics of Scandinavia and characteristics of nature. Beautifully made with carefully selected ingredients. Take a look at the collection made specifically for men which includes shaving products and accessories. Perfect gift for brothers, boyfriends and fathers!

5 Pandora is such a known brand it would be a shame not to mention them. Recognized for their customisable charm bracelets, Pandora was founded in Copenhagen in 1982 and is still going strong offering beautiful jewellery at various price points. Their charms and bracelets will make a truly special gift for any occasion. The charm collection is always growing so without a doubt there is something for everyone.

6 Just Spotted posters with motives from Denmark make a great present. However, be sure to take a look in other categories where wonderful posters by different artists can be found. Posters, especially ones with animal motives, can be a lovely gift for children to decorate their rooms with.

7 Georg Jensen is a brand we featured last year, but it never gets old. The collectable items released annually are a fantastic gift around Christmas time. This year I fell in love with the little winter bird and acorn so those are travelling to my family as we speak.

8 Isangs handmade products are heaven sent to those concerned about what their skincare contains. Isangs is vegan, made of organic ingredients in Copenhagen and packaged in sustainable and recyclable materials. I have been loving their face oil and will definitely try the face wash soap which I am glad I found about while writing this post!

Aaand that’s it! Hope this guide managed to inspire you and ease your gift hunt pain. Share with us what presents you bring from Denmark in the comments below!

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