CPR – What is it?

CPR number or Civil Registration Number is your identification number. It is part of the personal information stored in the Civil Registration System. Residents of Denmark are legally required to have this ID number and it will be used to access range of services in Denmark.

What is it used for?

When registering for a CPR number, you will get a health card in a matter of weeks. The health card holds all the information needed to open a bank account, loan books from a library, get a Danish phone number, receive salary and medical help, pay taxes and numerous other things.

Obviously, the health card is the most valuable document you can have in Denmark and it is the first thing you should register for when arriving.

Requirements to obtain a CPR number:

  • You are staying in Denmark for more than 3 years;
  • You have a registration certificate, if you are an EU citizen (Nordic citizens excepted);
  • You hold a residence permit, if you are a non-EU citizen;
  • You have a place to live;

When registering for a CPR you need to have a valid address, meaning that you have to make sure that the address allows you to register there and have a contract. There are cases when too many people have registered in an address and new registry is not approved, so make sure that you only sign a contract when you are sure of the above.

Where to register?

Make sure you have gathered all the necessary documents for the registration:

  • Valid registration certificate or residence permit;
  • Passport/ID card with picture;
  • Nordic CPR number if entering from a Nordic country;
  • A proof of your address (a signed and dated rental contract/letter from your landlord, property deeds, certificate of shared ownership in a housing cooperative, receipt for a paid reservation at a hotel etc.);
  • Marriage certificate, if you are married;
  • Children’s birth certificates, if you are bringing your children;

To register for your CPR, find your local Citizen Service Centre (borgerservice) in the municipality your address is located and bring all the documents. If there are no complications with your documents, you should receive your health card in a matter of weeks.

Remember that you have to be in Denmark to register for the CPR, meaning you can’t register before the arrival.

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