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I have talked about an amazing danish subscription box brand Goodiebox before (click here to read) and am excited to talk about their new skincare brand Comme Deux. It is always exciting to see new businesses appear in Denmark and I try my best to keep up with them and share with you the ones to look out for.

The brand

Subscribers of Goodiebox have been lucky to try Comme Deux products first as they had been included in the previous subscription boxes. From the moment I saw the packaging I knew that this brand is looking to expand far more further than the danish market. The packaging and branding itself is extremely trendy and reminds me of the well-known LA brand Glossier. The pastel colours, holographic details and minimalist yet cool packaging. Even the photos on the website keep the fresh LA vibe.

However, it is nice to see a brand from Denmark aim globally and use techniques that have proven to work in the market. In the short time of its existence, I have grown fond of the brand and can’t wait to see what Comme Deux will bring us next!


The mask comes in blue, yellow and pink – all supposed to have different effect on the skin. Yellow is meant to detoxify and deep cleanse, pink – to nourish and deep hydrate, whereas the blue mask, which is the one I tried, is purifying and deep cleaning pores.

For me face masks are more relaxing than effective as I rarely notice any difference after using any mask (and I have tried many). This Comme Deux mask for sure is fun to use as it is meant to look like you have applied nice layer of paint on your face. However, for the 129 kr the 30ml contents would not last for very long as well as it might be hard to get anywhere close to the bright coloured faces, as shown on their website, with just one tube.


The serum, just like the paint masks, comes in 3 colours therefore has various qualities. The yellow drops purify and leave skin glowing. The pink drops support hydration and radiance of the skin whereas the blue drops refine pores and mattefy skin.

I have been obsessed with serums lately as they are easy to use and feel hydrating almost immediately. The pink drops and, I assume, all other serums of Comme Deux absorb into the skin fast and just as advertised, feel extremely light weight.

For 249 kr you get 15ml of product, however, you need so little at a time that I can see this bottle lasting way longer than, for example, the face paint mask would.


Probably the product that left me most awe was the Discoskin face mask. The mask itself has a gorgeous pearl-like, iridescent tone that intensifies into shiny purple tone when applied to skin. The mask reminded me of the mask Sugar Kitten which has been very hyped on Instagram and I was oh so very excited to try it out.

When applied, the mask almost immediately triggers a heating sensation which, as described on their website, is vital for results as the glycerin gel stimulates microcirculation. After washing it off, I did notice my skin having a nice glow to it.

The 50ml container will cost you 199 kr and in my opinion is the one product from Comme Deux you should really try. It definitely makes a great gift for a face mask lover like myself.


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