One disadvantage that every book-worm comes across while living in a country where English is not the first language is finding bookstores that stock a wide variety of books in English. Not only that, but I have noticed that prices for books in Denmark, as for many other items, are much higher than you might be used to. If you are not confident enough in your language skills to pick up a book in Danish, this post might be just what you were looking for.

For this very reason, I am excited to share my all time favourite online book store that stocks almost any book you might ever need, for affordable prices (they almost always have great sales) and the best of all – free worldwide delivery straight to your door! has been my to-go place for book shopping and I’m not seeing myself changing it anytime soon. As they are located in United Kingdom, you don’t have to worry about shipping taxes and you only pay for the price of the book. Easy as that! Paypal payment is supported which is an additional bonus for somebody who likes it extra safe when shopping online.

How fast the delivery is, depends on the country of delivery, but in Denmark I usually have to wait for around a week. The books are packed really nicely and have never arrived damaged and they include a free bookmark (small things matter).

I would suggest using the option of creating a wish-list for what you would like to read as this bookstore can get seriously addicting (make sure to read our post on money saving as this might come in handy). Remember to check their bargain shop once in a while, you might find something good to read for a serious steal!

Let us know which is your favourite place to get books!
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