The importance of apps

It is no secret that most of us own a smartphone that holds all of our most valuable data, contacts and memories. In Denmark you can do almost anything through your phone and we have collected the apps that will make your daily life here just a little easier.

It is a great pleasure to see most of the big companies following the trends of apps and making them as functional and easy to navigate as possible. Stores, services, entertainment – everything at the reach of your hand.


Rejseplanen rejseplanen

This is one of the apps that you will use the most. It is a travel planner that is easy to navigate, shows all of the travel information in real time and calculates the price for your journey. You can pick the time you want for the departure or arrival, whether you prefer a bus, train or metro and see all the information about the journey you will need. It is very useful for tracking any traffic delays and planning your journey ahead.


Mobilbilletter is a great app for those who are here to visit Denmark and won’t need to travel for more than a month. As the title says it is an app that allows you to get a ticket for your travel. Select the number of zones you will be traveling and pay. Ticket is now available and you are ready to travel.


If you will be in need to travel a lot per month and won’t be using a bike, this is the app for you. It is the same as the paper version, but without a photo. I prefer this app over the paper periodekort since it’s one less thing to loose/forget.

Mit Ungdomskortmitungdomskort

This is the app that I will be using as my studies start since I will be traveling a lot and this is the best option for long journeys. If you are a student and have to travel a lot, this card gives great travel discounts compared to all other options. It costs 600kr a month and you can travel anywhere you like no matter the distance from A to B.



Once you have a bank account open in Denmark, get the app of your bank. It is extremely useful and easy to use on the go. I use Nordea bank and I am obsessed with keeping track of my finances. This app has helped me monitor my expenses in an interesting way. I have two accounts – a grundkonto (money on the account) and check-in konto (which is the money I have on my card). I like to keep my card empty and only have money on the account so when I am shopping I need to transfer the money to my card to be able to make the purchase. It might sound ridiculous but has worked like a charm and keeps me grounded for when I feel like splurging. This is why I love this app because you don’t need to use your nemID codes to log in and transfer to your own account. Easy, fast and efficient!


Great app for quick money transfer between your contacts or services. Most of the restaurants, cafes and stores have this option to pay via Mobilepay that is connected to your card. You can transfer up to 1.500kr and no minimum, so it is great if you owe someone a small amount and don’t carry cash (as most danes).



The blue newspaper or Den Blå Avis is the most popular and biggest eBay alternative in Denmark. You can find almost anything there from new to second-hand and it is a great place to sell your unwanted items.


Similar to DBA and Depop. You can pick the location you prefer or you are located at and shop items others have posted. Makes it super easy to meet up with the seller or buyer and have a chat on the app before the purchase. Get the Mobilepay for quick and safe transfer when using this app.



If you have chosen to travel by car in Denmark, this app is a must have for easy parking. Make an account, register your license plate and when parking, enter the area code that’s on the closest ticket machine.

This app is brilliant because you don’t have to worry if running late – just spin the wheel in the app and pay only for the time you have parked.

Just Eatjusteat

If you haven’t checked out Just Eat yet – you have to. It is my favourite service in Denmark for the times when cooking is not an option. The app makes it thousand times easier to order the take-away and either pick it up or have delivered straight away. You can pick food from any cafe/restaurant that uses the service based on your location, pay online or in cash and enjoy a tasty meal in no time.

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