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Whether you have just moved to Denmark or have been around for a while, you know how time-consuming it can be to get the keys to your new place. Apartment hunt in Denmark is like an Olympic sport and to get the gold, you will need to be quick, clever and have a lot of patience.

Danish housing market is filled and it takes quite a nerve to even get to an open house, so today we are going to look over some options to land your new home faster, easier and with less stress involved.

Don’t be picky

When it comes to getting to an open house, the main reason to not take the place should be your budget and maybe location. Don’t choose your apartment based on the neighbours, lack of daylight etc. Unless you have tons of options to choose from, of course.

Be polite

I can’t express how important it is to be polite (in any situation). If a landlord has set a time limit for when calls are accepted, don’t try to call anyway. You will come off as rude and disrespectful. In worst case scenario, write a short message and let them know that you will be calling the next day.

If you get to meet the landlord, remember what your mom thought you and greet the person, shake hands (physical contact will build stronger relationship), smile and be excited to be there. It is only appreciated to compliment on someones home, so do that. Every place has something nice to offer and pointing that out will put you in better position.


Remember to ask any kind of questions that will help you navigate through your options. It is worth asking about the internet providers that provide in the building, the electricity provider, how to take care of the place itself (wooden floors, who washes the staircase etc.), where are the closest shopping options and train station.

Not only this is useful information to you but will show the landlord that you are interested in the place and will take care of it.

Brand yourself

Sometimes the landlords can be quite uninterested and not open up so quickly so make sure to make yourself stand out. Even if they don’t ask about your hobbies or personality, try to sneak some personal information into the small talk.

I personally love interior design so I like to mention that when looking at various places, it can say a little about me and my interests but as well will give a hint that I will most likely take care of the place.

If you like something about the place, for example the big windows, point out that it is the perfect light source for you to take photography (if that is your hobby), or if the kitchen is super nice, say that it is the perfect place for you to practice your skills in cooking.

This way you not only show interest in the place but point out who you are and what you enjoy.

Apart from these three guidelines it is very important to stay safe and drop the pink glasses – remember to be cautious and sign the contract only when you have read it thoroughly, pay the deposit after you have received the contract and only sign the contract if you feel safe, have made sure that you can register your CPR at the address and can trust the landlord. It is worth doing some background check on Facebook or

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